Thursday, April 19, 2012

Front Yard Field Trips

The front yard may not seem like a place to take a field trip - it's right outside the front door! It's not anywhere special.

But for us this April, it's been the site of several science field trips - specifically weather related. Excellent opportunities to talk about the different forces of nature.

We've gone running out to the front porch and yard to witness wind storms blowing dust from the field next door, wind gusts that also brought in a downpour of windblown raindrops.

We've had a thunderstorm, and multiple rainstorms.

We watched as a hail storm dropped snow pellets, bouncing as they hit the ground.

Speaking of snow, this April we've also seen the biggest, fluffiest snowflakes we've had all winter try to cover our front yard with a layer of white.

Best of all, just today, we saw what could only be described as a triple rainbow, with the best view from our front porch.

This first picture shows a very bright arc on the bottom. This bright arc was actually a double rainbow, though the bands under the violet band don't show up in the photo. The third arc is a bit above the bright arc, not quite as bright. You can see the clouds are just a tad darker between the two visible arcs. So with the double rainbow on the bottom and the additional rainbow up top: Triple Rainbow!

This rainbow ended right in our neighbors yard. Anyone care to guess if there are leprechauns lurking about? We felt the urge to go digging for that pot o' gold.

This side of the rainbow was extremely bright and seemed to end right in a tree in the horse pasture down the road.

So April has been full of front yard science field trips for our family. It's certainly been a case of April Showers {and hail...}{and snow...} Bring May Flowers. Well... we'll have to report on the May flowers bit when we get to May.


  1. Absolutely you can have field trip in you front yard. I don't think I have ever seen a triple rainbow so that is a new one for me. We live in England and we have had Hail this month too. Very funny weather all around. Thanks for sharing on the Home school field trip hop and sharing your adventure

  2. A triple rainbow is new to me too! It was very fascinating for all of us. Thanks for stopping by! :) Maybe we'll get some good spring weather yet...

  3. Awesome awesome idea. So creative. Well done for having the foresight to see that everything you need is right in front of you :)

  4. Wow!! I have never been that close to see both side and then have it look like one is literally next door. Beautiful!

  5. That is beautiful!! We also have field trips in our yard..its a great thing.

  6. I think the best place for field trips can be in your own yard. You seem to be surrounded by many things that can be interesting to children. The rainbow is AMAZING and it's not often you see a triple rainbow. That you captured the end at both ends is WOW. I have to say as a photographer I'm SO in envy of your captured smile from God (what I call rainbows) . This is one thing I have never seen to capture yet your kids had to be excited! Now you need to start looking for all the little bugs that come out after the rain. Having boys they will love doing that. I wish I could have been there and went on the field trip with y'all :) Love this!

  7. Smile from God - love that! :) The boys were just jumping up and down, they were so excited! It really was an amazing rainbow. And bugs... oh yes, we know all about bugs...