Sunday, March 25, 2012

Timberdoodle - A Quick Look

I stumbled across a link to Timberdoodle the other day, and clicked over to their site to take a look at their curriculum...

...and it sat on the computer screen for a few days...

Now I'm wishing I'd gotten around to checking it out sooner because I personally think they've got a good curriculum package going on. While I haven't taken a ton of time to browse the website, I wanted to bring it to your attention in case this is a good fit for you. They've got a good deal going on that ends at the end of March. The deal is this: when you purchase one of their Complete Core Curriculum bundle by the end of March, you'll receive a $50 gift certificate. Plus you earn Doodle Dollars which is a rewards program - earning points that can be used to purchase their products.

I started out on the 2nd grade curriculum page - comparing it to what I've been doing with Cedric. I can tell you that their Handwriting choice is what I chose. We've been doing A Reason for Handwriting all year, and it's great! They use Bible verses for copywork, which coordinate with the stories used in A Reason for Spelling that we use (not included in Timberdoodle's bundle).

Timberdoodle also has selected a couple items or so from Critical Thinking. I've used a few Critical Thinking books with Cedric in the past and he loved them. I considered using many of their books for our curriculum this year, but chose not to simply because I already had enough going on with my Download N Go units.

They also chose an Apologia science program - I love Apologia science, having used the Ocean Animals book with the boys this year.

The World Map Puzzle would be awesome to have - Cedric loves looking at the world map I hung on the wall and constantly refers to it when we find something out about a new country. And the description of the history book they chose makes me want to read it - and history totally isn't my thing.

And a Smencil and some kind of putty included? How fun is that!

I really can't say anything bad about the choices made for this particular 2nd grade bundle. If you're looking for a curriculum that you can lay before your child without having to do much planning, I recommend taking a look at Timberdoodle.

They also have a Damaged section and a Closeouts/Overstocks section - might find some good bargains over there.

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