Sunday, March 25, 2012

Scholastic $1 Sale - Ends 3/28

Teach Express Scholastic is having a 3-day sale. A huge selection of teaching books for $1 each! Very good deals - 90% off in some cases! And many of them are downloadable, so you can buy and access immediately. Many of these books are definitely geared to a classroom teacher, but I find that most activities can be adjusted to fit the homeschooling family needs.

History, Math, Language Arts, Literary Units, Science, Thematic Units, Geography - over 1600 titles on sale! Great to add as a supplement to your curriculum, or to make your own thematic units with. Just make sure you don't go all-out crazy. Have a plan: look for items that go along with lessons you've had in mind to teach or that address skills your child needs practice on. For instance, I could use some supplemental math worksheets to help my oldest learn his adding and subtracting facts better, so a 2nd grade math activity book would be on my shopping list. And I know that I need to get both boys writing more, so I'm going to look into books with great writing assignments.

Have a plan - it saves money!

Here's a brief sampling of what's available:

If you live in a state that requires you do the state testing, you can get some practice test books.

Want to do a Penguin theme? Great book of 3-D style learning activities and booklets that would be good to add to a lapbook.

How about a Teeth theme for those youngin's who are losing their baby teeth?

Teach grammar through the use of Comic Strips.

Need some Map Outlines? 101 maps included!

Habitat Dioramas make science learning fun!

And those are just a few I've found in the first 4 pages of items! I'm going to have fun going through to find some helpful items. If you don't want to go page-by-page, you can search by category or by age.

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