Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Victor Borge - Phonetic Punctuation

A friend of mine just pointed me in the direction of SchoolWAX TV (a close relation to SchoolWAX which I will also be looking into as a possible homeschool resource). It has free videos to watch that were specifically chosen for their educational value... much in the way youtube has videos to watch, only without all the ads and such. Basically a safe viewing place for homeschooling (or schooling). I'm still in the throes of checking it out, but in doing so, I came across a video of one of my heroes that I had to share.

Since grade school, I've been a huge fan of Victor Borge. He's an awesome pianist! And he's hilarious to boot! He has these routines that he puts on with the piano as the backdrop. One thing Borge came up with was giving punctuation its own sound - Phonetic Punctuation, he calls it. I've seen one routine several times from when he was older. When browsing through SchoolWAX TV, I came across one I'd never seen before: Borge doing phonetic punctuation with Dean Martin (for those who haven't heard of him, he was a rather famous singer way back when...).

Here it is for your viewing pleasure. (And while you're there, check out the rest of SchoolWAX TV.)

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