Monday, January 30, 2012

Homemade Fabric Flashcards

Homemade fabric AC-123 flashcards!

I want to make these! Just another thing to put on my ever growing list of things to make...
I just came across this gal from Crafty Gemini who created these ABC-123 flashcards from fabric. They are machine washable and virtually indestructible! Watch her teaser video below. She has the video instructions and printable templates on sale right now for $9.99 at her site: Crafty Gemini...the shop. Until Feb 3, 2012, you can also enter a contest to win some pellon and other items (she talks about it in the video).



  1. Thanks so much for this post, Carrie! I think it will be a hit with homeschooling parents like us. I can't believe it took me so many flashcard packs to finally design these. :o)

  2. I really do love these! I have 3 boys, so these indestructible flashcards are perfect. I can use them for my oldest to spell out spelling words, for my middle child to practice spelling new words, and for my baby boy once he's old enough to start with pre-preschool learning and all that fun stuff. Thank you so much for coming up with this idea! I hope I win them - but they are already on my shopping list if I don't win. :)