Friday, October 7, 2011

CurrClick Special Sale Code - 2 Days!

CurrClick is a site I'll be mentioning in my 31 Days of Free Homeschool Resources. I love CurrClick, but I'll talk about that more on another day. For now, I just had to bring your attention to CurrClick because they are having a huge sale that starts today and last only a couple days.

Get 50% off on over 4000 homeschool resources... 

This is amazing because prices on this site are already very reasonable! (Maybe depending on what you buy... but everything I'm interested in is cheap enough to not break the bank.) I'm going to head over there myself to look into purchasing the 8 things already on my wish list! And see what other things I can find...

And pay attention! You must have a special code to get the 50% off! Enter:


when you check-out to take advantage of this incredible sale! So go, explore the site, find a bunch of stuff that you can use for homeschool lessons, enter the code "appreciate", pay, and enjoy!


Disclaimer: This contains an affiliate link, just to let you know.

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