Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 Days: Twisty Noodle

A few weeks ago, I had a story to read to my boys about some kids who lived near a town that was hit by a tornado. I wanted to find a coloring sheet with a picture of a tornado on it for them to color while I read. I went to my trusty Swagbucks search bar and entered "tornado coloring picture" (or something similar...). After skimming through the various possibilities, I clicked through to a place called Twisty Noodle.

This is the coloring page that came up:

Pretty cool for a quick search. I didn't have time to look at a bunch of different sites. This coloring page would work just fine. Especially since it was free! As I prepared to print it off, I took a few minutes to browse the rest of the page. I noticed several things. First, they had several different formats available:

Wow - that's pretty cool! Along with the different wording, I also noticed another capability. On the right hand side were options to change the font:

Change the Font:
  • Bold Black Font
  • Block Outline Font
  • D'Nealian Outline Font
  • Cursive Outline Font

So depending on what level your child is at in writing, you can customize the font on any page.

Then I noticed another feature. Even better than being able to change the font - at least in my view. Right underneath the font options was a box to type in. You have complete customization for the wording on the page. Maybe you want to change it to say "T is for Twister."


I did an example, changing the font to D'Nealian and the text:

The final thing I noticed about this website is the sheer volume of coloring pages and worksheets available. And all for FREE! 

Go have a blast checking this site out! I know for sure I'm heading back there for my pirate unit!

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