Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 Days: Spelling Helps

(Today's free site was brought to my attention recently by my homeschooling, mother of 4, friend, Rebecca. Thanks, Rebecca!)

Does it seem in this age of texting that correct spelling is available, not by brain-power, but by spell-checker alone?

That's irritating to me! Spelling correctly is, in my opinion (Or is that IMO?), an indication of an educated person. (Although, I know and understand that spelling is not everyone's strong suit, no matter how intelligent they may be. I mean no offense to those for whom spelling is a struggle! That is a different matter than the case brought about by texting.) The prevalence of misspelled words because of the texting language is just... irritating!

Okay, okay... I do use some of those acronyms myself. I like to use LOL...  and K (for "okay")... and emoticons... and well, that's about it. I've always said that I can type out the full sentence "See you later." faster than I can figure out the shorthand way (c u l8r). It's rather amusing though, when texting spills over into the spoken word... like when my sister answered a question with, "IDK." (for "I don't know.") I laughingly asked her if it really took less time to say the acronym instead of the full sentence... She hadn't even realized she answered in texting form!

So I'm trying to make sure my boys get a good foundation in spelling (and not introduce them to texting vocabulary for many years to come.) so that when they get to college, they aren't placed in a remedial writing course because of truncated writing that is probably caused by texting. (It's one thing to know how to spell words and write well, yet use texting language for the convenience of it, and another thing altogether to believe that those shortened words/sentences are acceptable in an essay handed in for a high school assignment!)

But I digress... back to the topic at hand!

Today's free site will be of tremendous help for my boys to learn their spelling words.

Spelling City is a fantastic site with all kinds of fun games to play that incorporate spelling words. You can either choose from a selection of vocabulary words, or you can type in your child's weekly spelling words from your own list. Let them learn and play! And even take the test online!

As my husband recounts from his grade school days, playing computer games that contained his weekly spelling words was the main reason he passed his spelling tests.

There are also handwriting pages that can be printed off for practice.

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