Friday, October 21, 2011

31 Days: A Seasonal Treat

Classroom freebies

What better place to browse for some great freebies than a blog entitled "Classroom Freebies?" None that I can think of. This blog is like a conglomeration of many other bloggers posting the teaching stuff they have for free on their blog. In fact, their subtitle is "Top educators bringing you the best resources for you classroom every day & always free." So many links to so many neat places!

Some of the posts definitely deal more with classroom management or such that might not be entirely useful for the home educator. But there is an abundance of links for really neat printables or teaching ideas.

What caught my eye recently is this seasonal activity:

Remember how I said I was looking for addition/subtraction for my oldest. How perfect is this?! There is also a cute printout for the above activity for the student to record all the math facts they figure out. Just need to buy some candy corn now... and some ink... been printing too much good stuff lately!

Have fun browsing around!

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