Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 Days: Lapbooking

Do you lapbook? Do you know what lapbooking is?

I just discovered these teaching gems when I homeschooled Cedric in Kindergarten two years ago. I kept reading online about a method of learning through the use of lapbooks. After stumbling around through search engines and education sites for awhile, I figured it out and now we lapbook all the time

Basically, lapbooks are usually books comprised of several mini-booklets and mini-worksheets that are glued into file folders. I love lapbooking for three main reasons.
  1. My kids like the little booklets that allow for learning in tidbits - and they're fun to make!
  2. Everything is organized in one location when it's all done.
  3. They make a great memento/keepsake of what was taught/learned. It's a great record to be able to show people what your child is learning.
Today's free site is the place I learned the most about what lapbooking is... Homeschool Share. They have an incredible amount of FREE lapbooks and notebooks pages on a multitude of subjects. Last year, I used several of the BFIAR topics with Elijah for preschool lessons.

You can browse through their master list of topics here. They also have subjects separated by age/level, by theme, by subject...

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