Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days: Free Homeschooling Resources

It's October already! We're in the throes of lessons - up to our necks in pencils, markers, glue and paper. Paint in our ears, playdough under our fingernails, and grass in our hair.

Plans for pumpkins and apples, turkeys and snowmen. And I'm always on the lookout for more stuff to do. More fun stuff to add to my lessons or make new lessons from... and if it's FREE, it's even better!

In a fun challenge put out there by my friend Laura at Housewife in Town and other bloggers, I'm starting a 31-days series.

For this month of 31 days, I'm going to share with you some of the online resources I've found or others have shared with me that are free to use and great for homeschooling!

First off, a blog I've found just in the past couple of months:

Homeschool Creations

Jolanthe of Homeschool Creations has some of the cutest, and very useful, free printable packets. Along with the blog, she also has a website of the same name, Homeschool Creations, where she posts most of her printables.

I've used one of the packs already this year. Even though my younger son Elijah is in Kindergarten, his writing skills need some help, and I've found these packs will be of great help in that area. Even my 2nd grader likes to do some of the games in the packs - just for fun. The graphics used are adorable and eye-catching.

We are studying ocean animals this year, so when I saw the Ocean Preschool Pack, I knew I'd be using it. Here's a picture of Elijah using the dice for a statistics game. He played the game well for awhile. But he took a liking to the jellyfish and wanted it to 'win'. I think he skewed the results a bit by only marking when he rolled a jellyfish.

There are tracing printables, a puzzle, a size-sorting activity, a story/rebus, counting games, and various other language arts and math activities.

Homeschool Creations has many other free printable packs with topics like pirates, knights, bugs, robots, astronauts, solar system, fireman, policeman... I can't wait to use the Pirates pack for our pirate unit we'll be doing soon.


  1. It's a cool site! Jolanthe is really nice - I only found her a couple of weeks ago...
    You have a nice blog :-)
    I have not yet started to have a fixed homeschooling time with my kids (my five year old foes to public kindergarden), but I'm currently trying to start this - my kids love learning and I feel like they're not doing much there...
    Your 31 day series will come in VERY handy! Thank you!

  2. Thank you, Vee! Definitely stay tuned - I have a lot of neat sites to share! :) Thanks for coming by!