Saturday, October 8, 2011

31 Days: Free Bible Lessons = Free Bible

Kids' Time is a neat religious kids' show on 3ABN. They run a fun little website with a variety of kid-friendly activities like:
  • Dramatized Bible Stories.
  • A few games to play in Maxwell's Place.
  • Fun facts about animals in Nature Nuggets.
  • Contests like this one... Scroll down and check out the winner of age 5-7 (Historical Place) {Hint: a little boy I know called Cedric!}
  • Variety of activities/experiments with biblical applications in Learning Time.
Those are all fine and dandy activities, but why did I really include this site in my 31 Days series? What could a homeschooler use this site for?

52 free lessons that can be taken online or through the mail.

And after you complete the 52 lessons?
You can get a FREE Bible!

Kids' Time also has an additional set of online bible lessons, courtesy of My Bible First. For completing these 26 lessons, your child can earn this free Creation Wheel.
One fun kids' website with two sets of free bible studies that are great to use for homeschool curriculum, and two terrific free gifts to earn!

Cedric's winning photo for the Maxwell on Vacation Contest.

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