Monday, October 17, 2011

31 Days: Flashcards

I bought some flashcards the other day - Lightning McQueen addition and subtraction flashcards! Kachow!

Sure, pretty cool! My boys love the character cards...

But... they don't have all the addition possibilities for adding numbers up to 20. For example, there might be the addition problems 7+3 and 9+4, but not 8+4 or 5+2. My older son is needing help learning/memorizing his addition facts, and I'd hoped these flashcards would be a fun way. For the most part, sure... but not when some of the possible problems are missing.

So - do I go out and look for a new set of flashcards?

I could, I suppose...


I could go to Quizlet and make my own cards!

They have a flashcard creation page that allows you to add images (upload or search through a database of available photos), or type in another language (with a pop-up that has the special symbols for that language).

Of course, if you don't want to make your own flashcards, you can search through their seven million already-created selection! Pick a subject and browse or do a specific search.

For 2nd grade math, here's a set of cards I found already made up, ready to print.


My son can get online and go through the flashcards to practice, and then be tested online as well. 

And think of all you can do with these printable cards! Aside from using them as regular flashcards, you can play memory-type games, or make matching games for file folder fun, or even use them as labels (cards with furniture names can be placed on the objects). How else could you use them?

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