Wednesday, October 12, 2011

31 Days: File Folder Fun

I like to use file folder games to reinforce what we're learning, to learn a new skill, or simply to fill in time with an educational activity. For those that don't know what file folder games are, they are learning activities that can be stored in a file folder and can usually be done by one student, sometimes two. Matching games are a common file folder game where one set of the match is glued into the file folder, and the other set is cut into separate pieces to be placed/matched up with the set in the file folder.

In this cute pumpkin game (perfect for fall learning) at today's free homeschool resource, File Folder Fun, some letters of the alphabet are glued onto the folder. The missing letters are then placed in the right order.

 File Folder Fun is just one website I've found that has really neat free file folder games. You can look at games by grade level (Preschool through 3rd grade - though it looks like they're starting to build a 4th category), or by subject. One nice attribute that File Folder Fun has that not too many other folder games sites have is that they even have some of the games available as templates for you to fill in with whatever topic you want your kids to work on.

They have a nice variety of games with cute graphics. Most of the games are available in color or black-and-white. It's so easy to print them, cut 'em out, laminate (if you're a laminator like me!), and paste.

Ready to play!

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