Sunday, October 9, 2011

31 Days: CurrClick

Today's Free Homeschool Resource is CurrClick, a site with a huge collection of homeschooling curriculum. It's a gathering place for many different publishers to sell their product. In fact, if you create some form of curriculum for homeschoolers, you can become a publisher for CurrClick too - for FREE! You get paid in royalties.

One more note about CurrClick, then on to what's free there.

On Friday, I posted about a huge sale happening at CurrClick just this weekend. 50% off! Read my other blog entry to find out about it. The sale ends Sunday evening (9th)!

Now - on to the free stuff!

There are two types of free items at CurrClick that homeschoolers can take advantage of. One is live online classes and clubs. Not all the classes and clubs are free, but there are several (Currently 74 are listed for free) that are. One of note is the Lego Club. Have any Lego enthusiasts? Check it out.

Other free items include downloads for posters, flannel board sets, pocket chart sets, copywork, printable worksheets... Many of them are offered free by various publishers in order to gain more exposure to their products. Some of the free products are small samples, others are full lessons. I'll post some examples below.
  • Wonderful for the Christmas season

  •  An example of sample curriculum
  • An example of a copywork/penmanship book

  • How about some flash cards

There are currently over 500 free products for your browsing pleasure. If you don't feel like sorting through that many, use the qualifiers in the sidebar to choose an age range or topic.

I've found many helpful free items from CurrClick, and I hope you find something useful as well. Even the products that aren't free I've found to be fairly inexpensive.

Disclaimer: This post contains my affiliate id - just to let you know.

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