Sunday, October 16, 2011

31 Days: America's Story

Time for a history lesson!

America's Story is a neat website with tidbits of information about the history of America. We first found this site through our Download N Go unit on Amelia Earhart (whom Cedric always ends up calling Amelia Bedelia Earhart because we started reading some of her books around the same time).

Learn about historical people and events. Explore the states and learn fun facts. Find out what some of the favorite pastimes of Americans were (or are still today). Watch a movie or listen to some songs of America's past.

Discover a day when cars were a luxury, when most people rode a stagecoach or train if they wanted to travel. Be a Super Sleuth and figure out what's wrong with the picture. Read about the state where President Lincoln was born.

There aren't any printables or lesson plans... But it is a great informational site - a fun place to let your kid explore some of America's Story. Use it to supplement your history lessons.

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