Wednesday, October 19, 2011

31 Days: 2 Teaching Mommies

Today's "free" site is a blog that I recently found.

They have thematic printable preschool packs with the most adorable graphics, and horribly fun activities! And by 'horribly' I mean 'delightfully'! There are statistics pages, puzzles, writing practice pages, matching pages... And many others...

I've used a couple of these unit packs with my Kindergartner who needs extra help in the writing area. Even my 2nd grader is intrigued by the fun look of the puzzless/activities and wants to do them. He complains that Elijah gets all the fun pages to do. Currently we are using their Pirate pack, and I made sure to make copies of some of the pages for both boys to do... even if Cedric is a bit beyond that learning level.

Just downloaded their pumpkin pack to do next week, and the monster pack looks really fun too! Take a peek at their themes and see what you might like... or rather what your kids might like!

(Guess I need to look around for more challenging but "fun" pages for Cedric to do. Anyone know of a good free site that does 2nd grade level theme packs like what 2 Teaching Mommies has?)

2 Teaching Mommies' blog posts include many helpful tips/hints on teaching, craft ideas, and center/sensory ideas, as well as links to download their free printables.

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