Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Earn Up to 5 Free Books!

I'm always up for freebies, especially when it's something I can use for homeschooling. I have to share this fantastic deal I just found out about when reading one of my favorite blogs: MoneySavingMom

Scholastic and Kumon have joined together to create a program, Learn and Earn, designed to encourage children (ages 5-12) to read and do math. For doing one age-appropriate worksheet (reading or math), your child can earn 2 free Scholastic books. For completing BOTH reading and math worksheets, your child can earn 5 free books! How awesome is that? Just print off the worksheets and redemption form at Learn and Earn, send the completed worksheets in, and you'll get your books. I checked out what the free books would be, and guess what! You get to choose the books from an age-appropriate selection! From what I can see, they would all make great additions to your homeschool library and some can even be included in lesson plans. The books are listed on the redemption forms.

The program runs from April 4, 2011 until all 1250 book sets have been sent out or until Oct. 15, 2011, whichever comes first. Since there's a limited amount of books, you might want to jump on this deal ASAP!

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