Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Seeds to Carrots

I just received the new April Family Fun magazine in the mail today. I love that magazine! So many great ideas! Lots of fun egg decorating ideas, beads made from plastic bottles and other fun recycling ideas, but my favorite has to be the Carrot Patch Cookies snack/treat.

I found a unit at Homeschool Share that is a supplement to the BFIAR (Before Five In A Row) unit based on the book The Carrot Seed, by Ruth Krauss. I already have the unit printed out, ready to be cut out and put into action. Now I'm at the stage where I just keep my eyes open for additional activities to make learning even more fun. Once I spotted the Carrot Patch Cookies treat in Family Fun, I knew I'd found a neat (albeit unhealthy) snack or, more likely, a final project to celebrate the of end the unit.

Another fun idea I want to do with this unit, since it is Spring time and the garden is yearning for something to grow, is to plant carrot seeds when we start the unit and enjoy watching them grow over the next several weeks. Guess I need to get out in the garden and get the ground ready now!

What ideas can you come up with to supplement a unit on Carrots?

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